Estirado y Soplado

Linear Strech

Typical application

PET Hot Fill PET Moderate Temperature Fill Hot Fill Temperature Comes to 92ºC Output 16000 BPH (500ml)

Typical application

PET MIneral Water Bottle PET CSD Bottle PET Asepsis Fill Output 24000 BPH (500ml)


PF uploading system position designed as per customer's site requirement Adopt corner preform sending guiding rail which saved spaced

  • Adopt liner heating lamp, perform can be heated evenly.
  • The lamp box can be adjusted up and down or deep direction.
  • The lamp box can be reversed which is easy for installation and maintenance.
  • The lamp can be adjusted horizontally and vertically or rotated flexibly.
Unique gripper design guaranted no perform droping and high concentry Independent rotary gripper design, easy and flexible for reserval.
Closed loop temperature control mode Preform temperature scope when set, it can be adjusted automatically and comes to stable status quickly.
  • Lockl-atch-type mold open and close cam design
  • Lightness in structure, easy to operat, reliable to clamp and simple for maintenacne
  • Eugen Seitz rapid combination blowing air valve guaranteed fast reaction and compliance of air blowing
  • The blow mold which made os special steel is suitable for differnt bottle
  • Optimized rotary conveying device improved the standing time, blottle quality and blowing speed
  • The brake system guaranteed the safety of the mechanical system
  • The centralized lubrication system can lubricate the important parts of the machine automatically
  • The strech bottle blowing cam guaranteed the stability and high speed of bottle blowing
  • The torque device of the conveying system guaranteed the safety of the machine
  • The oil-water allocation system is the crucial equipment of the hpt-fill blow machine
  • ECOBLO-16 HR adopts German MAIER oil-water allocator which guranteed the uniformity of the temperature in each cavity and its durability.
  • Machine adopts Siemens S7 series control system
  • The perfect PL Control program and high speed reaction make the machine system controlled accurately.
It's used for the produce of PET water bottle, hot-fill bottle, CSD, drinking oil and pesticide bottle Feature:it’s the only one that adopts all servo control system in China, with stalbe structure and high speed, the way of PID self-feedback nonstop heating can make use of the infrared heating efficiently, which is energy saving and easy to maintain , the equiped mold is very flexible which can meet the needs of non-stop inline produce. The touchable screen control and temperature adjustment simplified the temperature adjustment for different bottle blowing.

First invented rotary preform infeeding structure in China, which is very stable and reliable and applicable of different size of preform.

The servo conveying system with high accuracy of position,quick speed and good stability, as there is no air resource which is energe saving and with low maintenance charge.

The carrier and carrier head is separate , which can changed different carrier head in a short time, the speed of the carrier rotation device is changeable which can adjust the rotation speed of the preform and make sure that the preforms are heated evenly.
The reversal structure design is easy for the adjustment of the height of the lamp and the distance between the lamp and preform and also for lamp change. The non-stop heating mode guaranteed every preform can be heated evenly, the gap between preforms is very small and energy saving. There is a pretecting for for neck screw, which can pretect the neck screw from deformation while heating.
  • First class air supply control system, guaranteed the blowing air even and consistent and quick respose, which improved the quality and uniformity of the product.
  • Advanced high pressure mold clamp blow device with little vibration, reliable and stable while running, applicable of different bottle size.